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From Our Farm To Your Site

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    Purchasing from Winding Creek Nursery:

    Please know that because our trees are grown in the ground, they can only be transplanted during the spring and fall. Call us at 269-838-4813 to make an appointment to tour our nursery any time of year. When you visit, you’ll hop on our golf cart and get a tour of our 30-acre nursery. We will answer your questions and help you decide what trees will fit your landscaping needs. If you decide to purchase, we can then figure out when to schedule a pickup, delivery, or even a delivery and installation. We kindly ask for a 50% deposit before we move forward.
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    Delivery and Installation:

    Our ultimate goal when planting a tree is to make your yard look like the tree was there all along, leaving no evidence we were ever there and no damage. We have experience planting trees at hundreds of yards across west Michigan. This experience has taught us that there is a lot of information to discuss upfront, for your benefit and ours.
    Our truck and trailer setup is very large, essentially the size of a semi-truck. We need adequate parking, and room the unload trees from at least one side of the trailer.
    Trees are very heavy, the largest ones we plant can weigh close to a thousand pounds. Therefore, we plant all our trees with a skid steer and various attachments such as a large auger and hydraulic forks. We absolutely need to be able to use this equipment to plant our trees. Low wires, small gates, tight spaces, steep hills, delicate grass, wet ground, retaining walls and other problems can all interrupt or prevent this process. We need to know about these prior to the installation date. Also, trees must be installed at least eight feet away from an existing tree stump.
    When placing a large root-ball in the ground, a lot of extra dirt is created. Generally, this dirt is feathered around the tree, creating a slight mound. Or, we can scoop the dirt up and haul it to a place of your choosing in your yard. However, we will not haul the extra dirt away.
    We will call Miss-Dig prior to the installation to mark utilities. Please consider the location of your septic system, irrigation and dog fences when choosing where to plant your trees. We are not responsible for damage to anything under your yard not marked by Miss-Dig. Installation dates are subject to change due to rain. Using our equipment when the ground is wet creates the potential to leave ruts and other damage.
    Installation dates are subject to change due to rain. Using our equipment when the ground is wet creates the potential to leave ruts and other damage

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    Our trees weigh anywhere from two hundred to one thousand pounds. Therefore, we will not put a tree in your minivan or SUV. We will happily load trees into an open truck bed or open trailer, and help make sure the trees are secured and protected. Please bring ratchet straps and tarps to protect the leaves and buds from wind burn while they are in transit.


  • Planting and delivery
    We would be glad to deliver your nursery stock to your door so you can enjoy the planting process.
    If time is short you can let us know where you would like your product planted and we will take care of the rest.
    Tree moving
    Let us transfer your tree from one location to another. Our Bobcat and 36" tree spade can move a tree up to a 4" trunk size and can get into some very tight spots!. Give us a call and let us know what your project is and how we can help.
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